12 Jul 2012

Creative Technologies, Inc. has delivered a second Call for Fire Trainer-Augmented Virtuality (CFFT-AV) prototype system to the US Army’s Orlando-based research organization, the Simulation and Training Technology Center (STTC).

Pat Garrity, STTC Chief Engineer for Dismounted Soldier Technologies stated, “With this system, we have taken a giant leap in validating the possibility of incorporating augmented virtuality into our training programs.?We have proven that the technology approach is both valid and practical.”

The system, originally developed for the Fires Center of Excellence at Fort Sill Oklahoma and STTC, is part of a research program to advance technologies related to training in the virtual environment and integrating simulated military equipment such as weapons, maps, binoculars and others items. The program is an important advance in blending live and virtual worlds, and provides an innovative solution to some of the most difficult training challenges facing fire support trainers.