"MISSING" Cognitive Bias Games Now Available

“MISSING”, CTI’s game-changing applications developed for the US Intelligence community’s Sirius program, are now available for commercial, academic, and government users.  The two applications train the recognition and mitigation of multiple cognitive biases. “MISSING:  The Pursuit of Terry Hughes” trains confirmation bias, fundamental attribution error and bias blind spot. “MISSING:  The Final Secret” covers anchoring bias, the representativeness heuristic, and projection bias.

With gameplay of only one hour per session, the two MISSING games have been shown to reduce cognitive bias, the mental shortcuts that can produce catastrophic effects in intelligence analysis and business decision-making, by 31% with an enduring 23% effect at least two months later.  For pricing and availability, contact missing@cretecinc.com.


CTI News

The US Navy’s Office of Naval Research awarded CTI with a contract to develop and validate pedagogical models for training maintenance and troubleshooting in mixed reality environments.  The effort will result in the creation of a software tool to design and assess next-generation mixed reality, both augmented reality and augmented virtuality, training aids.  Many thought leaders in the DoD believe there will be significant gains from leveraging the ongoing explosion in commodity-priced mixed reality hardware in future training systems. The CTI effort will focus, as a testbed, on the new JP-5 fueling system on CVN-78, the USS Gerald Ford, the newest carrier in the US fleet.