04 Oct 2018

The U.S. Department of the Navy exercised their option today to continue CTI’s initial Phase I effort to develop a “gamification” capability  for their advanced sonar system, the AN/SQQ-89A (V) 15.  Commonly referred to as the A(V)15, the system is in widespread use by both the surface and sub-surface US fleet.  With long stretches at sea, sonar skills can decay, especially if tactical anti-submarine warfare missions do not arise during the crew’s time at sea.

The announcement follows a change in team composition, with the departure of UtopiaCompression Corp. personnel focused on the artificial intelligence aspect of the project.  Dr. Alexander Mantzaris, Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of Central Florida, has taken over the development of the machine learning technology components of the project through his company, ODAX Technologies Inc.

The team’s novel technical approach promises the rapid development of expert models along with automated after-action reviews and dynamic simulation training content.