05 Jul 2012

Inertial Labs, LLC tapped Creative Technologies, Inc. to add an augmented reality/forward observer component and analysis to PEO STRI OneTESS. This effort will provide synthetic views of mortar impacts for a forward observer, while a mortar-training device transmits data to the simulation of ILI WOMM-3 SENSOR from a Weapons Orientation Module Sensor.

?CTI is excited to enter the live training domain with this augmented reality research effort for the OneTESS program,? says CTI COO Stephanie Granato. Adds James Korris, President: ?Inertial Labs developed a terrific sensor which integrated seamlessly with CTI?s fires technology to provide the Army with expanded capability for the OneTESS program.?

Inertial Labs?is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of position and orientation tracking systems.