Todd Paulsen

Todd Paulsen serves as a Senior Analyst and Director of Training at CTI. In these roles he draws on more than 15 years of experience as a military instructor. His extensive military expertise includes intelligence, combat infantry, CAS, C2, fire support, and air defense, and his exemplary subject matter expertise provides sound analysis.

Paulsen was a member of the original JFETS design and development team, while continuing to shape requirements driving the emerging CFFT research agenda. He has experience using most Fires-related simulations for training Joint Forward Observers and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers, including the Call-For-Fire Trainer, the Deployable Virtual Training Environment, Forward Observer PC Simulator, VBS Fires, OneSAF, JSAF, General Simulator and JFETS.

Paulsen has participated in various research efforts for industry and government, including the evaluation of emerging technologies, assorted intelligence investigations, training support trend analysis, and AI assessment. Paulsen?s perspective and academic grounding is guided by his combat experience.

Paulsen earned his BA in Biochemistry from Occidental College and an MS of Strategic Intelligence from the National Defense Intelligence College at the Defense Intelligence Agency.