19 Sep 2017

Today, the US Navy’s Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) awarded CTI with a contract for the gamification of the AV15 Surface Ship Undersea Warfare Combat System.  Intended to facilitate the development and retention of mission-critical skills, the capability will motivate sailors to improve performance by providing meaningful feedback.  The effort marks CTI’s first foray into the […]

31 Aug 2017

The Halldale Group today recognized Creative Technologies Inc. as a finalist in Military Simulation & Training Magazine’s 2017 Industry Awards.  The award continues the publication’s practice of recognizing the top simulation training companies in the world.  Formerly known as Military Training International’s “Top 100 Companies” list, MS&T is carrying on the tradition of presenting awards to companies for […]

22 Jul 2017

Launching in December 2016, CTI and partner Leidos have been steadily picking up speed on a commercialization program for its two “MISSING” applications.  Serious games developed for the US Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity to train analysts to recognize and mitigate cognitive bias, the applications are equally relevant to knowledge workers and students in a […]

18 May 2017

Today, the US Navy’s Office of Naval Research awarded CTI with a contract to develop and validate pedagogical models for training maintenance and troubleshooting in mixed reality environments.  The effort will result in the creation of a software tool to design and assess next-generation mixed reality, both augmented reality and augmented virtuality, training aids.  Many […]

13 Jan 2017

Today, the Office of Naval Research and the Navy’s Center for Surface Combat Systems (CSCS) approved the final optional step in the Next Generation of Maintenance Trainer program.  The work to create a character-driven desktop training aid powered by a cutting-edge intelligent tutoring system (ITS) will culminate in a year-long effort touching on much of […]

28 Oct 2016

Following an enthusiastic reception for CTI’s prototype virtual immersive environment desktop training system for the Mk45 MOD4 gun mount, the US Navy has elected to proceed with development of the project in the next stage of the program.  This stage will focus on the further development and validation of the applications next-gen intelligent tutoring system.

05 Aug 2016

For the sixth year in a row, CTI has been recognized as one of Military Training International’s (formerly Military Training Technology’s) Top 100 companies in our field. With entrants drawn from around the world, this list of MTI winners reflects the significant impact companies like CTI have made in the military training and simulation industries […]

25 May 2016

CTI today won a Phase I SBIR contract with the US Navy for an immersive parachute descent trainer emphasizing cognitive decision-making skills. CTI assembled a unique team ranging from next-generation intelligent tutoring systems developers to Hollywood stunt talent. The system will replace a virtual reality system developed over twenty years ago.

17 Feb 2016

Today, the US Navy’s Office of Naval Research awarded a Phase II SBIR contract to CTI for the Next Generation of Maintenance Trainer. This phase encompasses project deliverables, including a prototype virtual environment training aid, data collection for back-end intelligent tutoring system algorithm validation, a psycho-motor skill acquisition demo module, and a fully-realized training aid. […]